IoT Intelligence

Realtime Scale-Independent Analytics, Visualization, Search and Discovery

The Internet of Things is creating a growing demand from companies for a new kind of realtime analytics system that can handle sensor data at extreme scale. A single company might need to continuously analyze data from millions of live streams, with terabytes of new data coming in every day. They need realtime actionable insight, enabling them to instantly discover important opportunities and threats, and to respond to them immediately.

At Palo Alto Data we’re building the first IoT Intelligence app - an app that enables companies to continuously capture, aggregate and index any number of IoT data streams from fixed or mobile sensors, to visualize, analyze and search the data in realtime, to set custom realtime alerts, and to algorithmically discover and rank important events and patterns automatically.

The app is built on industry-standard big data software and cloud services. It’s massively scalable, super-fast and simple to use. The app can be run on-premise or accessed as a cloud service.

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